I’m back. For real this time.

Six years ago I spent 13 months in San Diego as an exchange student. I had a blog back then to keep my German friends updated about my California adventures. Now I’m back and it is back. Except this time it will be in English, it will be public, and anyone who is interested – for whatever reason that might be – may share my expatriate experience.

So, what brought me back? This guy:

May 2009

We met on campus in 2008. We thought this was just going to be one of those crazy college things. Fun while it lasts, and a happy memory to take with me once my time is up and I have to go back to the real world, i.e. Germany. That’s probably all it would have been if smartphones hadn’t come up right at that moment.

Just after I left, he bought himself an iPhone, and that thing condemned us to stay in contact, constantly. Somehow we skyped every day, for hours, for years. I came back for a month long visit half a year after my first farewell.

February 2010

And again, the year after.

April 2011

And again, same year.

September 2011

And even the year I started working (in Germany’s best and funnest city no less).

August 2012

And the year after that, when any sane person would long since have moved on with someone closer to home.

March 2013

At some point we had to admit to ourselves that we weren’t going to shake this. In December 2014, he suggested we might as well save some money on future plane tickets and spend them on a wedding and greencard for me instead.

After one last visit of mine (my 6th) to California, we celebrated an unforgettable wedding with the best people in the world in an ancient monastery by my hometown.

Kloster Bronnbach, Germany, August 2014

But a romantic German church wedding doesn’t quite make me elligible for a Greencard through marriage. So we followed it up with a quick-and-dirty city hall wedding less than a week after I arrived with my four suitcases at San Francisco airport.

September 9th, San Francisco city hall

(Yes, we wore the same clothes again for the second wedding. We’re cheap like that – or I like to call it practical.)

So much for the backstory. As of September 2014, I am a legal permanent resident in the US. That makes me a German expatriate in California, and if you know me (or not) and are just a little interested in what it’s like to be a German on the Westcoast (more specifically, in Silion Valley), this is where you can follow my rants and ramblings.

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