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Driving for Immigrants, or: Conquering the DMV

Whoop Whoop, six and a half months after moving here, and six frustrating visits to the DMV later: I have my (interim) driver’s license! To save others the frustration and endless wait I had to endure, I thought I’d share some … Continue reading

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What I miss about Germany

The first time I came to the United States, it was all fun and rainbows: two semesters of study abroad, a year under palm trees on a beautiful campus, all paid for by my parents and the German state. The … Continue reading

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Things we do to not be a boring married couple: Oktoberfest

“Watch out, you won’t be partying every weekend once your wife gets here” his friends told him. “You’ll do so many fun things once you’re finally together” my friends told me. They were all a little wrong and a little right. … Continue reading

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Why a month in the ghetto made me hate ice cream

When I came here, we didn’t have an apartment of our own yet. For the first month after my arrival, we shared a 160 square feet (14 square meters) bedroom in a house with we’re not sure how many other people. … Continue reading

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I’m back. For real this time.

Six years ago I spent 13 months in San Diego as an exchange student. I had a blog back then to keep my German friends updated about my California adventures. Now I’m back and it is back. Except this time it … Continue reading

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